About Kelly Phoenix Rose

Kelly is practicing Shamanism- a collection of tools and allies that allow her to support the internal sources with external forces. These include: Sacred Feminine Energy Training, Kinesiology, Energy Clearing, Mind & Body Medicine,Meditation, Spiritual Life Coach, Counsellor, Art Therapy, Chinese Medicine and Yoga .

Her life is a living expression of the power within Sacred Feminine Energy. She has overcome her own Endometriosis, Drug Addictions, Cancer and has experienced the depths of trauma a large portion of her life. It has always been a learning of deep surrender through the realms of personal shadow work that has awakened her life force and allowed her mind, body and soul to align with pure life energy again.  She feels extremely confident to walk with you through the necessary darkness of illness and dise-ease that may present for your own awakening.

She shares her offerings through one on one sessions , coaching programmes , ceremonies, group facilitation & retreats.

Kelly’s Medicines holds resurrection and draws out the ultimate truth necessary for positive change.

She works with all ages, sex and spiritual or non- spritual beliefs. She still is and has been working under some of the most influential teachers since 2016. Ultimately her greatest teacher was death. It was through the embodiment of it that Kelly learnt how to weave life force and walk the realms of darkness & life being the greatest spiritual initiation.

"I continue to offer my direct transmissions from spirit combined with science and the ancient traditions of living in unity with nature. The sun, moon and beyond are the greatest teachers. All my programmes weave philosophies & teachings from the wisdom keepers holding the golden light of healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Traditions, Shamanism, Pagan, Vedic & Buddhist practices. All which have influenced my healing & awakening."