About Kelly Phoenix Rose

Hi, I am Kelly. I live a magickal, beautiful and connected life. 

I am devoted to the dance within cycles and have a deep connection with the land and the spirits around me. 

Throughout all my traumatic experiences in life, including Cancer, I have found that my spirit was my greatest ally. The inner and subtle communications of my body, heart, soul and minds eye. 

I have a clear commitment to nature and work with the elemental forces to harmonise my personal cycle. 

Life amazes me constantly. I see beauty and alchemy in all I do. 

It is a honour to be guided in such ways to support the lines of love, beauty, healing and wisdom throughout humanity. 

 It has always been a learning of deep surrender through the realms of personal shadow work that has awakened my life force and allowed my mind, body and soul to align with pure life energy again. 

I feel extremely confident to walk with you through the necessary darkness of illness and dis-ease.

I have heard that my medicines holds resurrection and draws out the ultimate truth necessary for positive change. 

Just like the rose.