What makes Cancer Coaching so valuable?

“In the face of potential death comes fear. I am here to remind you how to find the light amidst the darkness. Without fear, opportunities arise for conscious choice. This I found the most effective tool through my Cancer journey. It made me feel that I was having an experience that I was a part of, not it consuming me. I found rest, peace, clarity and remission.”


I now offer programs that support the remembrance and recall of my clients internal light and power. Staying connected to the subtle communications of the whole self provides a sense of deep peace and clarity. None which can be achieved in a rattle of fear.

The search for all the answers and healing being outside of ourselves leaves us vulnerable to fear and magnetises our energy - collectively and individually - towards darkness.

Light on Earth exists to offer cancer patients and survivors their greatest potential of peace in their journey of diagnoses. We need to tend to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stressors that are affected when you hear that crippling sentence... 'yes, you do have cancer'.

The coaching programs offer supportive holistic practices to help clients feel a sense of lightness within when the journey of cancer can feel so dark.

When we find the light we hold within, we have access to uninterrupted peace, clarity, confidence and choice. If we allow it, cancer provides an opportunity to reclaim our power within when we choose how we can support our feelings in each moment of the journey.

When we take this opportunity to own our power of choice, we change the pattern. Instead of handing over our power to the outside healthcare system that is designed to treat us as a number and bypasses our unique inner needs and emotions, we cultivate personal autonomy. I strongly believe that it is a collaboration of western intervention and internal intelligence that is the recipe for manifesting our intentions, even in the face of Cancer.

These programmes are not designed to 'save you' but are encouraging you to save yourself.

It is this enhancement of self connection through a Cancer diagnosis that allows for a far greater capacity to experience peace and calmness and extend that wisdom into integrating it into a life you choose to live fully!

This is what it means to find the light in the darkness.


What is Light on Earth?

Light on Earth is a non-for profit organisation that is raising money for the vision to support Cancer patients find light in the dark journey of a diagnosis.

For just $7.50 you could contribute free holistic services for low-income earners with cancer.

Light on Earth Day ~ May 23rd, is the day that we are raising the frequency for the collective consciousness by lighting our candles and holding a prayer for 'Light in the Darkest Times'.

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