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Light on Earth is a Non-For-Profit organisation raising money to give access to holistic support for those diagnosed.

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What makes Cancer Coaching so valuable?

“Having Cancer is brutal. You need a strong action plan to navigate the chaos. One that suits all of your needs. Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and your current reality. No one is prepared emotionally to hear those words come out of your doctors mouth "yes you do have cancer."

Everything has to change and change fast. So many possibilities and decisions to make, it is enough to cloud the mind and darkness can kick in.

We all know stress does not serve health on any level. 

I am here to remind you how to find the light amidst the darkness. To support the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical body journey through the dark realms that a Cancer diagnosis does bring.

Without having a degree in self mastery, how will you navigate the mystery?

It was through shamanic tools, practices, mindfulness, nutrition and nature- I found rest, peace, clarity and remission. That I feel is important to share.”


I now offer support to remind my clients how to use the internal light and power that helped me navigate with ease and grace. Staying connected to the subtle communications of the whole self provides a sense of deep peace and clarity. None which can be achieved in a rattle of fear or deep avoidance that this is really happening. 

Light on Earth exists to offer cancer patients and survivors their greatest potential of peace in their journey of diagnoses. 

The coaching sessions are based off my own personal experience and offer  holistic & shamanic practices to help clients feel a sense of clarity & light when the journey of cancer can feel so unclear & dark.

When we find the light we hold within, we have access to uninterrupted peace, clarity, confidence and choice. If we allow it, cancer provides an opportunity to reclaim our power within when we choose how we can support our feelings in each moment of the journey.

When we take this opportunity to own our power of choice, we change the pattern. Instead of handing over our power to the outside healthcare system that is designed to treat us as a number and bypasses our unique inner needs and emotions, we cultivate personal autonomy. I strongly believe that it is a collaboration of western intervention and internal intelligence that is the recipe for manifesting our intentions, even in the face of Cancer.

These programmes are not designed to 'save you' but are encouraging you to save yourself in states of stress. 

It is this enhancement of self connection through a Cancer diagnosis that allows for a far greater capacity to experience peace and calmness and extend that wisdom into integrating it into a life you choose to live fully!

Having a light that guides you through darkness.... priceless. 


What is 'Light on Earth'- Fundraiser?

Light on Earth is a non-for profit organisation that is raising money so that low income earners can access the holistic support they need when stress arises throughout a Cancer diagnosis. I know what financial burden can feel like in the fight for life.

I am selling 100% Pure Essential Oils to support this vision.

My intention is to support Cancer patients find their own internal light in the dark journey of a diagnosis through shamanic tools and holistic practices. Learning how to utilise the external forces to calm in the internal sources is what that supported me to find and listen to the internal light, the voice of spirit.

My vision is to take on over 300 clients in the first year, then expand this into a sustainable online platform that can become global.

Beyond this vision what is really happening: This is a collective journey. I have experienced and seen the dark matter that is lerking in the collective conscious realm that is a result of the fear states that millions of people go into when experiencing Cancer. Its dark, there is so much darkness and want people to find and hold light in these states to bring harmony and balance to that. This is why Light on Earth is.

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