Spring Offerings ~ Sound Healing & Pure Oil Masterclass 2023 with Peter Tulasi.

Bring on spring!

We are proud to announce the Spring 2023 Sound Healings & Masterclass line up. 

Over the next few months you have the opportunity to experience wisdom & practice that has taken us over 30yrs to cultivate.  

Welcome to....

"Sounds of Spring"~ A Himalayan Sound Healing combined with Body Work 

Saturday's 3pm-4:30pm ~ Sept 30th/ Oct 7th/ 14th/ 21st 

Located @Gracefully Whole. 1 Bilambee Ave, Bilgola Plateau.


 "Pure Oil Masterclass" ~The Divine in every bottle, essential oil series. 

Wednesday's 7pm-8pm Sept 6th/ 13th/ 20th/ 27th

ONLINE via zoom. 

More About these offerings...

Sounds of Spring is designed to bring the glow back into your aura after the cold winter. Come along to this enchanting experience of restoration and energy balancing.

Spoil the senses by receiving Himalayan sound healing combined with hands on body work layered with organic essential oils from around the world.

Did you know that youthfulness depletes rapidly by the uncontrollable exposure to the cold and let’s not mention the low vibrational frequencies and electromagnetic fields we are surrounded by. When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, it shows.

We will be using unique hand made instruments that resonate at high vibrational waves plus we add physical touch with Essential Oils and body work.

This is nourishing for the soul and gives rise to its sparkle. 

Pure Oil Masterclass's are designed to expand your consciousness and turn the ordinary relationship you have with Essential Oils into a truly divine experience.

We are inviting you to learn and connect to wisdom and practice that has taken us over 30yrs to cultivate.

Never before has anyone delivered a masterclass that helps you to connect to the goddess of your favourite oil. 

We will be sharing the ancient wisdom of Sanskrit, Mantra, Elements and Chakra to our full range. We will be starting with 4 oils at a time. Each week a new profile.

For September we will be starting with the 4 of the most used oils. Rose, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint.

Every ticket reservation includes not only 4 x lives sessions on Wednesdays but also the  4 x organic oils we are working with.

This is not to be missed.

Haven’t you ever wondered what goddess rest upon the plant?

Can’t wait to share this with you, yes it has been long overdue.

Meet Peter Tulasi 

The driving mantra behind Peter' work as a yoga instructor:

abhyaso na hi tyaktavyo abyaso hi param balam | anabhyase visam vidya ajirne bhojanam visam.

"Practice is not to be abandoned. Practice brings great strength. In the absence of practice, knowledge is poison. In indigestion, food is poison."

Peter Tulasi firmly believes that the essence of healing is in the self responsibility of the individual. He promotes regular practice above all else to inspire and empower individuals to live in greater harmony with the true self. 

Peter Tulasi is a teacher of expansive tools and a true gift to the KPR team. Peter is a qualified ERYT (experienced registered yoga teacher), teaching over a 7yr period and 1000hrs of classes. 

He has been studying the Art of Yoga for over 18yrs. Peter has nurtured a love for the Sanskrit language and studied at Sydney University Level 1 & 2 Sanskrit courses which allows him to be a proficient reader & writer of the Sanskrit language and continues to teach his students Mantra and correct pronunciation of the universal language. 

He is also a qualified sound therapist working with Himalayan Sound Bowls, Gong, Conch & Bells. Studying 6yrs at the Kundalini Sound and Herbal Therapy school starting in 2017. He teaches Hatha yoga (sun moon union.) Within the overarching term of Hatha yoga there are 6 types of yogas. They include: Mantra, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, Kundalini Tantra and Raja. Peter teaches all six types to his students, depending on what is appropriate for the individual. He is always keen to see progression in his students and aims to prepare them for meditation overtime.