The importance of Womens Circles.

There is a special kind of magick when women come together. We all feel it, we need each other and it is important for our well-being.

Coming together in Sacred Space resonates with the internal mother, sister, daughter, grandmother and beyond. We as women are innately attuned to subtle energetic frequencies and when we feel safe, understood, held, seen and sensed, we open up fully. 

The great opening allows us to access Sacred Feminine Energy. SFE has a unique essence and is governed by love, nurture, beauty and wisdom. 

We as women are responsible to keep these lines awakened for the self and collective blossoming for our own destiny and the blossoming of our Mother Earth. 

When we are connected, attuned and together we become stronger. We have the capacity to return home recharged, awakened and free again. 


I offer these circles as a continuation of the embodiment work I teach and for all women who are ready to surrender deeper into this great mystery we call life. 

Staying connected and showing up only strengthens us and for this reason we together keep the longevity of Sacred Feminine Energy ALIVE!! 

For any further questions or to make a private circle booking please contact me now. x 

Womens Circles 2023!

2023 Womens Circles have taken a twist, rattle and shake. This year I am hearing the call to share my craft with women who are aspiring to deepen the connection to Sacred Feminine Energy and Alchemy.

Previously you may have experience my womens circles by being gathered around the altar whilst working with the energy I would bring in for us to share. Now, I want you to be able to learn the simple but effective techniques to support you staying connected with this energy from the comfort of your own home.

The "Altar Series" women circles will be now hosted online!! Wahoo!

Stay tuned via instagram or get onto the mailing list now.

Want to host your own private face to face womens circle?

Minimum 8 people @ $55p/h + travel.

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