Reconnecting to Sacred Feminine Energy brings strength to vulnerability. (For men & women)

You think you have it all under control and then you don't. 

Imagine you could have a compass that could navigate the up's and down's.

What if I told you you already have this navigational tool but you didn't have the wise grandmother to train you when life hit dramatic changes and the Moons energy really kicked it. 

Sacred Feminine Energy is the other pillar of life force. It is primordial energy that governs half of this reality and is available to both genders. 

If you are having ANY disorders of the womb, including infertility/ endometriosis etc, OR you a one hell of a good man that is inspired to know about the rise and fall of your beloved partner, then the Shine program is for you.

I have helped many women conceive, restore harmony to there bloodshed, experience pain-free menstruation, regular menstruation, menopausal support and they all say one thing in common:

"Everyone should know this!! Why don't they teach this in schools!"

I suffered for over 15yrs with chronic Endometriosis only to continuously hear the same thing come out of my doctors mouth. "Go on the pill or have surgery" "We dont know why this happens Kelly". I called bullshit, and I called it hard. 

I quested for years to come up with the recipe that allows women to:

*Understand the energy pattern within Sacred Feminine Energy. 

*How this energy effects their Mind, Body, Emotion & Spirit. (every 28 days)

*How to utilise the external forces of nature to alchemise the internal sources.

*What it truely means to magnetise rather than manifest. 

*Have compassion and clarity around the drastic changes that influence the whole being whilst knowing how to bring harmony to them. 

*How to create a life that is aligned with the Moon, Nature and their highest and most pure intentions. 



Over 6 weeks we will dive deep into the magick that we as women have suppressed deep within the blood line. This is great for men to know how to support their beloved and take the relationship to new heights.

The group program is offered once a year April 13th. It costs $1895.

Private mentoring is available and cost: $2500

Couple mentoring: Is for coupled partners, private and costs: $3100

What is included:

1 x Initial consultation and health assessment with myself & Dr Yu Wu (master herbalist)

6 x educational sessions with Kelly Phoenix Rose. 

1 x detoxification & food medicine plan. (based off the level 2 Detox & Deep Dive Program. ***Please note, I highly recommend doing level 2 before the level 3.Shine program.)

5 x educational module manuals

Access to private sessions throughout the 6 x week intervention, when needed.

10 x days of potent Chinese Herbs consulted by Dr Yu Wu- master Chinese herbalist. This is part of the starter kit and is tailored off your constitutional needs to support & nourish your organs and blood.)

1 x starter altar kit, includes:5 x Essential Oils / 2 x Essences / Chinese Herbal Tools / Oil burner / Prayer Tie Kit / Purification stick.

Recommended for:

*Endometriosis , PSOC , Menopause and all Womens Health Issues, Infertility.

*Depression, Anxiety and lack of Direction as a woman.

*Any woman who desires to tap into her innate wisdom, medicine and magick.

 Please note: this program is suitable for women who are ready to take responsibility for their emotional states of being and are willing and able to face their shadow self and step into a seat of power. If you have addictions to food or alcohol, it is best to start with the level 2 Detox & Deep Dive before doing this program.


Womens Circles keep the internal goddess alive.

We come together to remember the sweet scent of sharing vulnerability Bringing through the mysterious energy of Sacred Feminine Energy.

Each participant who arrives to my womens circles will receive some form of healing, transformation and alignment. All my womens circles we gather around the altar. You know this means business :)

Not only are you tending to the subtle needs within but we are collectively keeping the light in what we are responsible for.

Feeling, healing, wisdom, beauty, shadows, love, nurture and earth.

I am proud to say that I am holding these circles at Gracefully Whole in Bilgola Heights.

To host your one event or to gather a circle in your town, please do reach out.

Tickets are only $55 - non refundable.

Womens Circle Tickets