Yoga is a unity of Sacred Primordial Energy and can heal the deepest wounds.

We are energetic beings that are a reflection of the divine. It is when this unity of Sacred Masculine & Feminine unite that infinite possibilities can become a reality. 

This can all happen on the mat, if you know the alchemy.

This is why I practice traditional Hatha. Sun Moon Yoga. It gives a stable sequence of opportunity to connect the Mind and the Breath with the Body.

The way I teach is influenced by Shamanism. I offer a sacred space for us to invite in the LIGHT OF SHIVA and to breathe up the ESSENCE OF SHAKTI. This turns the session into a healing potential. 

Unity creates divine intervention. We are light and the Asanas (physical poses) are doorways to our energetic mandala. 

I am no way a Yogi or a Guru. I am a shamanic healer that uses this highly respected and very powerful tradition and practice to support light here on Earth. 

I offer Sacred Feminine Embodiment practice in 3 x ways:

#1 - At Gracefully whole on Fridays 6pm-7:30pm. 

#2 - Private Sessions in a pack of 5. I teach you how to open and close your own sacred circle. 

#3 - In the group SHINE program for Sacred Feminine Energy Training (April each year).


With love x 

Retreat to the wild.

We retreat from the constant demand to be something in the world, to stay afloat in the rat race. 

Retreats are the best way to stop, let go and reconnect to the original nature within you ~ wild, open and free.

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