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The Path Behind your Symptom ~ Monthly Live Group.

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There is no doubt that emotions, thoughts and a greater concept are related to physical symptoms.

Come and explore the connection to the unseen world when trying to restore balance or dis-ease.

Knowing this information gives you a greater chance and a sense of authority when trying to get back into the drivers seat when it comes to health.

Each month a new symptom will be discussed. We will explore the relationship to the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic theories and philosphies based off ancient methods.

The systems observed are, traditional Chinese medicine, shamanism, astrology, Hindu/Buddhism.

This space welcomes those who are interested in changing the way you perceive & relate to common symptoms and dis-ease.

Do you want to learn how ancient methods from the 'unseen world' can help?

If you feeling like you are sinking on a boat out at sea when it comes to health, then this is the circle you.