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Altar Series #2 - All about Crystals "LIVE RECORDING"

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This year I heard the call to share my craft with those who are aspiring to deepen the connection to Sacred Feminine Energy and Alchemy.

Welcome to the "Altar Series".

"Altar Series" is an educational experience that encourages people to understand how to work with sacred feminine energy and alchemy by using the living and breathing universe as the strongest tools.

Each series we will work with different components of supportive tools and practices for your practicing altar. 

This is beginners to advanced training for altar work, energetic spaces and endless possibilities of healing and support. 



Altar Series #2 - Crystals!

Discover what characters lay upon your earth stones and how to cleanse, activate, amplify protection, detoxification and support when using crystals!

The 2023 March Altar Series #2 is all about how to best support the right choice for you and your sacred work when working with these sacred objects. We will be discussing some of the most common and not so common profiles of crystals.


How to choose?

What to choose?

How to cleanse?

How to charge?

How to use?