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Yoga training ~ Level 1. SF Embodiment Practice- 4 x private sessions

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Learn the Art of Deepening the Mind & Body, Masculine & Feminine Primordial Energy Lines with traditional Hatha Yoga.


Over the course of 5 x private one on one Yoga sessions you will learn how to amplify your practice to become a method of self healing, alchemy and strengthening the 2 primordial energy lines that govern our Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. 

We are energetic beings that are a reflection of the divine. It is when this unity of Sacred Masculine & Feminine unite that infinite possibilities can become a reality. 

This can all happen on the mat, if you know the alchemy.

This is why I practice traditional Hatha. Sun Moon Yoga. It gives a stable sequence of opportunity to connect the Mind and the Breath with the Body.

The way I teach is influenced by Shamanism. I offer a sacred space for us to invite in the LIGHT OF SHIVA and to breathe up the ESSENCE OF SHAKTI. This turns the session into a healing potential. 

Unity creates divine intervention. We are light and the Asanas (physical poses) are doorways to our energetic mandala. 

I am no way a Yogi or a Guru. I am a shamanic healer that uses this highly respected and very powerful tradition and practice to support light here on Earth. 

I offer Sacred Feminine Embodiment practice in 3 x ways:

#1 - At Gracefully whole on Fridays 6pm-7:30pm. 

#2 - Private Sessions in a pack of 5. I teach you how to open and close your own sacred circle. 

#3 - In the group SHINE program for Sacred Feminine Energy Training (April each year).


With love x 

For more information please get in touch.