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A4. Level 3. Shine ~ 6 x week Online Coaching Programme. (GROUP BOOKING)

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"To Shine is a way of Life."

The SHINE level 3 programme is designed for women who are currently experiencing:

Endometriosis / PSOC/ Menopause / Infertility / Other womens health imbalances. 

This programme is based off the methods applied to overcome menstrual disorders and all womens business. 

6 x week Sacred Feminine Energy Training.

6 x educational and therapeutic sessions

6 x PDF  educational documents

6 x physical sacred feminine embodiment sessions- Hatha Yoga Training designed to support the Sacred Feminine Wheel.

1 x rebirthing ceremony ~ in person.

1 x starter pack

10 x days of potent Chinese herbs to support nourishment of the organs and energy lines. (working in collaboration with Dr Yu Wu, president of Chinese & Acupuncture Organisation Australia.


This programme is a therapeutic, educational and alchemical process that incorporates many ancient practices, beliefs and lifestyle management tools. Imbalance occurs when we fail to be able to understand the natural rhythm of our innate being, the cause and effect of the subtle centres and self management for living a fast paced demanding life for the modern woman. We need help. This is the navigational map you have been looking for. 

$2185 p/p - Ceremonial Gathering via Zoom. Once a year 6am-7:30pm AEST. Internationally supported.  

Please note that with all my offerings these purchases are non- refundable.