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Light On Earth Candle - 100% donation to support Cancer Patients

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We are taking donations now! 

All the money goes towards Cancer patients being able to access the holistic help they need when stress arises in the reality of a Cancer Diagnosis.

Operating out of Optimum Health Essentials - Newport , Sydney, Kelly Phoenix Rose offers free services to support the stress that is real when journey through the dark path of Cancer.

With each purchase you will receive a handcrafted Blue Candle that is to be light with the collective awareness on May 23rd for LIGHT ON EARTH DAY. 

This candle symbolises the power of collective consciousness when we bring our attention supporting oneness. Whether you know a person going through Cancer or not, understanding and having compassion for the hard journey can be supported with sending a prayer of light for the darkness. 

Make sure to like and follow Kelly Phoenix Rose, Light on Earth to stay connected in the collective prayer. 

Thank you for your support.