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A3. Returning Detox & Deep Dive Participants- 28 Day Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul (GROUP)

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About the exchange as a returning Deep Diver:

You are aware of how this circle flows. Every circle is different as it is dependant on the energy of the group to what deep diving is present and needed.

As a returning deep diver, you will have access to the live sessions and what's app group. You will NOT be receiving private or individual attention by myself, you will still be held in the group energetically.


More about the Detox & Deep Dive....

This is a 28 Day Detox of the Body and a Deep Dive of the Soul offered through Zoom. This is internationally supportive and each live is allocated at 6am Sydney AEST.

What makes this Detox so effective is that we bring to the surface what hides in the shadows and is responsible for the motivation of our toxic self-regulation patterns. 

We work on the central nervous systems response to stress whilst eliminating and detoxifying what is store or goes in the body. 

The 28 Day immersion is run in a ceremonial setting and introduces supportive plant allies into the space for deepening the connection to our higher selves, hearts and Mother Earth.

Each participant is introduced to a Food Medicine Plan that is the core foundation and guidelines for supporting a deep cellular detoxification whilst allowing the gut's microbiomes to restore balance for vitality and optimum digestive function. 

As we journey through eliminating the inflammation causing factors in the Food Medicine Plan, we energetically open up to releasing the stores traumas, stressors and emotional wounds that have kept us functioning and hosting low grade behavioural patterns. We awaken towards the light of our soul. 

This 28 Detox has been extremely successful in supporting:

*Menstrual Pain

*Digestive Disorders



*Emotional disturbances 

*Arthritis and Inflammation causing dis-ease

*Used by Kelly in her own personal fight for cancer. 

*and other dysfunctions of the mind and body. 



We meet approx every 4-5days for our live session that is filled with tools, practices and therapeutic applications for healing. In-between the days of our live connection, we stay connected and managed through a Whats-app group. 

This portal is a virtual ceremony that keeps our energy aligned. The outcome of creating such a sacred space is that we all feel connected, supported, heard, felt and seen. This changes the whole dynamic when those hard times present, it really makes us remember how easy it is to do when we are together. 


Mon-Fri = 6am - 7:30am Syd AEST

Weekends = 5pm - 6:30pm Syd AEST