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Returning Detox & Deep Dive Participants- 28 Day Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul (GROUP)

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About the exchange as a returning Deep Diver:

You are aware of how this circle flows. Every circle is different as it is dependant on the energy of the group to what deep diving is present and needed.

As a returning deep diver, you will have access to the live sessions and what's app group. You will NOT be receiving private or individual attention by myself, you will still be held in the group energetically.


The Detox & Deep Dive is a 28 day purification of the Mind, Body and Soul. The group offering is within ceremonial settings and only offered 2 x times a year. Jan 2nd & Aug 8th. This circle is a prerequisite for moving into the Level 3 'Shine' - Sacred Feminine Energy Training program. 

Every participant that joins this circle gets a discounted rate to continue to show up for future detoxes. I am trying to build a family of detoxes that hold each other accountable for clearing out the suppression and toxicity of the industrial revolutions imprint. 

Every detox is different because of its unique container that holds the richness of collective energy. Together we work with what is real and present for us in life. We learn and develop new ways to navigate life without 'sedating' our stressors that present. We work with plants, nature, and the cosmos. 

A very good thing to know is that: It is normal to experience some short sensations of stress in life. It is when these stress responses continually show-up and a 'classic' pattern is consistently in the field that we need to be aware that these are no longer 'simple stressors' but actually moving into 'triggers'. 

Triggers are responses from outdated trauma patterns encrypted in the Central Nervous System. They show up because they need healing. How you respond to these triggers is what keeps you stuck or evolving into higher states of consciousness.

This Detox & Deep Dive stands out amongst other interventions because it provides support for addressing the motivational causes of the rise of 'triggers' whilst eliminating physical toxicity through the detoxification component.

This is where effective and sustainable change and growth happens. What happens if you don't? You go back to relying on the toxic self regulation path and continue to feed the small self. This keeps you toxic mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually- in other words. staying in your 'victim'.

The intention of this offering is to create a frequency in the body that removes the negative influence of the industrial revolution. Our deep seated mother & father wounds. Yes, we all have them. 

This is done in a combination of ways:

#1 with the Food Medicine Plan (the biochemical detoxification component). More info below on the 'FMP'

#2 highly trained shamanism in practice through the ceremonial container we all enter. 

#3 direct support, practices and transmission delivered by myself in the 9 x live sessions over the 28days. 


*The chemistry & alchemy of the FMP targets the body on a cellular level. It eliminates the immune system's involvement in your digestive process so that the immune system can tackle the inflammation, toxicity and other parts of dis-ease that needs attention. 

*The energetic resonance of the FMP brings the entire bodies frequency to an ancient rhythm aligned with the earth. It becomes a vibrational earth medicine. This frequency supports the central nervous system to release the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances that are embedded in the body

*The FMP involves eating meat and natural unprocessed food. No shakes, No Juices, No Human intervention. Clean and earth medicine. 

*The FMP is what I personally used to overcome my Endometriosis & Metastatic Cancer. 

*Everything within the FMP is easily sourced, so there is no need for excessive prepping. 


Kelly is trained in Shamanism, Trauma Release, Mind & Body Medicine, Kinesiology, Yoga and several other energetic philosophies and practices. She has an affinity with plants and animals. Her precision and highly trained skills are offered throughout the 28 days in this Sacred unravelling of the Soul. You will experience this within the whole 28 day container, if you listen and follow the specific and simple instructions of Kelly. 

Each circle Kelly includes into the group the supported of a plant, tree or tea (or all). How you connect to this ally is dependant on the circle. Every Detox is different in relation to the 'deep diving'. The gifts of this connection is that you create your own personal relationship with nature that you can use to encourage more support in your life outside of this ceremony. 

There is opportunities to experience water fasting, intermittent fasting and other supportive interventions that promote cellular repair, mental expansion and spiritual awakening. 

This is a EPIC offering that leaves you feeling stronger, cleaner, more connected and aligned towards your highest potential. 

Many people have experienced the following changes in their life by commiting to this circle:

*Pain reduction

*Weight Loss

*Resolved inflammation / skin disorders

*Digestive harmony & regulation. 

*Emotional & Trauma release

*Spiritual connection & a sense of oneness.

*More energy and stamina for life.

*Deep emotional and spiritual clearings

*and more…. Don't just hear it from me, go check out the testimonials!

Are you READY for this level of work?

Change always presents with some sort of discomfort so yes, at some point it may be challenging for you. That's a good thing, it means that we are meeting the outdated energies that are requiring your attention. Kelly and the group are there to support you. We are all connected in a what's app group that you can communicate your blessings, challenges and all in-between.

If you have not done any inner-child, emotional, trauma or soul work before , I recommend booking in with Kelly for a private session prior the commencement of this ceremony. 

Examples of some practices that may show up in the circle:


*Introspective and Soul connecting



*Shamanic Drum Journeys

*Energy Clearings

*Dance and or guided journeys. 

*Spending time in nature

*Tarot & Divination

*and more…

Timetable and accessibility. 

The Detox & Deep Dive is held on the zoom platform. IT IS COMPULSORY to attend each live session on time. The timetable is below. No recordings are made. 

You will be required to purchase the tea of the plant we are working with and will be provided a link to some places for that source. This is a in-expensive and easily accessible request and you may have the option to also use it from your garden if you have it. 

Terms & Conditions:

No Refunds are given. Once you are enrolled, the process starts. Make sure you can commit to the timetable. Kelly has the right to remove you from the group if you are not adhering or following the specific guidelines- without a refund! You are responsible for the energy you bring to this space, not Kelly or the Group. An intake form will be sent to you prior for Kelly to understand your current health status and is reliant of you to be as truthful as possible for the safety and support necessary in the 28days. This is all done prior the opening ceremony.  All information is confidential.