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Splash Detox ~ 5 x day Detoxification

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The 5 Day "splash" Detox is a combination of elimination protocol based off the Food Medicine Plan (beginners level) and simple and effective mindfulness practices. 

You will be given live recordings to follow daily that support the mind and body to find relaxation whilst you follow the detoxification guidelines. 

About the detoxification protocol: 

The FMP is designed to reduce inflammation, increase cellular repair and eliminate toxicity. It is an easy to follow plan that requires commitment.

 For the "Splash" beginners protocol, we will be eliminating all synthetics, stimulation and sugar. (Also the habitual pattern you may be bringing like smoking etc).

You will be then guided through a week of blissful mindfulness focusing on the flow of Qi/ Prana, Posture, Focus & Breathing Regulation Techniques. 

All of this is the first stable structures that are needed to detoxify so that you are ready to commit to the 10 day or 28 day detox. 

Here is what we do:

  1. Open & close the space together LIVE via Zoom. 
  2. Introduce the stage 1 elimination protocol. 
  3. Provide supportive content videos that you can watch daily to encourage mindfulness and practice as the cravings present. 
  4. Create a supportive presence over the 5 x days through a Whats App Group. 

5 x days too short? Why not come for 10 x days? 


June 4th & October 2nd each year. 

Timetable 2023:

Terms & Conditions:

No Refunds are given. Once you are enrolled, the process starts. Make sure you can commit to the timetable. Kelly has the right to remove you from the group if you are not adhering or following the specific guidelines- without a refund! You are responsible for the energy you bring to this space, not Kelly or the Group. An intake form will be sent to you prior for Kelly to understand your current health status and is reliant of you to be as truthful as possible for the safety and support necessary in the 28days. This is all done prior the opening ceremony.  All information is confidential.