Supporting people to find their light in the darkest times.

Specialising in Chronic Illness, Cancer and Womens Health, Kelly brings a collection of highly trained skills alongside an authentic and deep understanding of the reality of experiencing pain, suffering, fear of death and confusing menstrual symptoms. Kelly's life is a manifestation of the power of her work as she has relied and used her skills to navigate through the depths of chronic illness and potential death.

She feels confident that her offerings greatly impact the quality of life force and vitality.

Kelly Phoenix Rose offers intensive programs that are designed to activate, alchemise, purify and strengthen the Mind Body connection, the internal resources and external forces to support evolution towards more light.

Here you will find pathways for the required initiation needed for your presenting issues guided by Kelly Phoenix Rose.


Happening right here is a vision to support Cancer patients receive FREE holistic therapeutic support whilst battling the hard road of a Cancer diagnosis and heavy interventions. We are raising money and creating awareness in the power of the internal light when presented in times of darkness. "Light on Earth" is a non-for profit organisation that is raising money now for this vision.

Cancer Coaching Programs
  • Detox & Deep Dive

    This D&DD has impacted most areas of my world. My daily life , my physical body, my mental health and more deeply my spirit world. All of these parts of me have until now been running separately , now they feel that they are aligned with each other , which gives a sense of wholeness equilibrium. It has connected me to my true walk and soul journey again.

    I have dropped over 8 kilos of excess baggage. My moods have leveled out to a fine and regular rhythm. I am more deeply aware of who I truly am and al last I am on the way to loving myself dearly. It has reduced my pain a lot .Yes, I would recommend this to others!

  • Shine Program

    Yes, absolutely 100% I would whole heartedly recommend this.

    Whilst on the programme I experienced a reduction from excruciating, unbearable pain to moderate pain. I also went from being on pain killers most of the time to completely drug free and clean.

    Since doing the programme and changing my diet I am still experiencing noticeable changes in my cycle and have an increased number of painless days per month.

    I am more in tune with myself and have deepened my love for my body.

    Knowing that I can support the stages of my cycle means that I have more focused time on my goals. I feel less all over the place, less driven by my cycle and more in control."

  • Other

    "I can’t ignore that after 6 years of trying to conceive and various treatments and multiple ivf attempts that this is the first true success I’ve had after doing your program. I think the physiological healing as well as the food is medicine detoxing prepared and healed my body like nothing else I tried had!

    My bubba is growing and thriving and living and I love feeling it wriggling around in my womb. I appreciate every moment and take nothing for granted. "

    "Working with Kelly has impacted me with a greater understanding of how to self-regulate and balance my life. She has supported me to recognise some behaviour patterns that weren't serving me and based on outdated childhood narratives.

    She has supported me with alleviation of physical symptoms and generally feeling much more energised and in-sync life cycles.

    My constipation has improved and in just 1 month my haemorrhoids have reduced dramatically.

    After working with Kelly I now have higher energy levels and my sleep has started to get more consistent."

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