Supporting people to find light in the darkest times.

Hello, I am Kelly Phoenix Rose, Sydney's Spiritual Advocate for Cancer, Menstruation and Illness. Welcome to my site, although I can't wait for you to hear my podcasts.

Here you find information about the programs and offerings my team and myself have to offer.

All with the intentions that continue to result in effective spiritual leadership & practices that support each unique person towards finding their inner light in the darkest of times.

I truly believe that we have more power in our choices when we are connected to the subtle communications of the body and our core centre.

We are honoured to be working with you.

  • Detox & Deep Dive

    The Detox & Deep Dive has impacted most areas of my world. My daily life , my physical body, my mental health and more deeply my spirit world. I feel a sense of being unified and connected. It has connected me to my true walk and soul journey again.

    I have also dropped over 8 kilos of excess baggage.

    My moods have levelled out to a fine and regular rhythm. I am more deeply aware of who I truly am and al last I am on the way to loving myself dearly.

    It has reduced my pain a lot.

    Yes, I would recommend this to others!

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  • Shine ~ Sacred Feminine Energy Training

    Every woman needs to know this.

    Whilst on the programme I experienced a reduction from excruciating, unbearable pain to moderate pain. I also went from being on pain killers most of the time to completely drug free and clean.

    Since doing the programme and changing my diet I am still experiencing noticeable changes in my cycle and have an increased number of painless days per month.

    I am more in tune with myself and have deepened my love for my body.

    Knowing that I can support the stages of my cycle means that I have more focused time on my goals. I feel less all over the place, less driven by my cycle and more in control."

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  • Private Sessions

    "Thank you gorgeous powerful women for holding a circle today! What an energy, OMG!!! I received the most precious gift of my entire life today and to share it with you was such an honour! 

    Thank you Kelly for your courage, love and generosity to do what you do! "

    "Thank you. So… many…shifts here.A big one is my body is leading. I am at my centre. I am in my body temple listening moment to moment and it is changing everything.

    So grateful for you."

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