Supporting people to find their light in the darkest times.

Are you someone that often feels like there is more out there when it comes to health & wellbeing?

That everything is connected?

I would agree with you. I am an advocate for nature having a crucial role in creating internal and external harmony.

I listened to the the little spark inside of me that was calling me deeper inwards and it worked. It should be heard and yes it is important for when life force is at risk.

If you are looking for a strong bouncing block to support you to navigate the mystery of chronic illness, menopause, menstrual complications and all the other 'unknown' diagnostic conditions then I am the women for the job.

Mystery is my forte.

I work with primordial energy lines in private sessions, sacred circles, programs and retreats.

It is through the use and reconnection of these energies that have helped me overcome Endometriosis, Addictions, Depression, Trauma and Metastatic Cancer.

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