Supporting people to find light in the darkest times.

Hello and welcome. 

The difference between me and other services is that I have had direct experience with the energy of dis-ease that I specialise in. 

I work with both genders, and specialise in Trauma, Womens Health & Cancer by supporting people to achieve cellular homeostasis by connecting the seen & unseen patterns of the Mind & Body. Together we reconnect harmonious flow between  the spiritual and cellular cycle with the natural rhythm of nature & life force. 

You can access me through Integrative private sessions, programs, presentations, workshops & epic podcasts. 

My experience has provided me with a particular energetic medicine that “knowledge” does not provide. Direct experience brings wisdom and the combination allows an expansive view when presented with life situations that feel blocked and have “no way out”. 

I am passionate about science and spirit and truly believe that by uniting both was the bridge that helped me throughout my “roadblocks/ lifeblocks”.

I feel extremely comfortable to dive deep into the depths of “darkness” with you and be a stable centre to help you to navigate towards light.

I truly believe that the strength in vulnerability is the most powerful tool we all have in today's world and the reality of the relationship we as a collective have with it, is poor.

Dis-ease, trauma, mental & emotional health make us vulnerable and the nervous system is unable to navigate it alone.

Learn how vulnerability can heal the darkest real-life situations. 

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