Welcome to the Detoxification & Purification Pathway.

The Detox Pathway is a  3 x stage offering designed to support holistic detoxification and purification. Each stage involves addressing the Mind & Body connection and responsibility to ensure long lasting change for each participant. 

The major structure of this pathway is to start at beginners level to create strong roots for change, then at your own pace progress into deeper levels of detoxification and spiritual awakening.

The Detox's main focus is to support natural enhancement of the immune system function whilst addressing the motivational causes of underlying stress and toxic self regulation patterns. 

This 3 stage offering uses nature as its biggest resource and provides mindfulness, tools and practices to support cultivating stronger internal resources to connect to the strength and right relationship that is needed to empower health and well-being. 

We all know it's a Mind & Body connection game when it comes to health and the Detox Pathway has all the right steps for any level of commitment. 


STAGE 1: "Splash & Detox"

The 5 x Day "splash" Detox is a beginners offering. It focuses on elimination and replacement strategy. This path supports you to get use to removing the habitual toxic influences whilst replacing them with short but sustainable practices. 

Each participant will be involved in a 5 x day intervention. Starting and finishing with a live presentation/ introduction with Kelly. Over the 5 x days you will be guided with daily recordings and supported with the Level 1 Food Medicine Plan - Elimination Protocol. Find out more with the link below, including timetable. 

Cost: $212 p/p

When: June 4th & October 2nd each year. 

Enrol now: https://kellyphoenixrose.com/products/splash-detox-5-x-day-detoxification

STAGE 2: "Swim & Detox"

The 10 x Day "Swim" Detox is a intermediate detoxification and purification program.

It takes each participant from just "splashing" into detoxification to "swimming". This extension of the 5 day detox emphasis the elimination protocol and increases  physical body practice. Over this time we start to observe where the emotional body sits in relation to your intentions of detoxification. A necessary piece of long lasting change is to bring to light what is driving the habitual patterns from the waters within. Find out more with the link below, including timetable. 

Cost: $383 p/p

When: June 4th & October 2nd each year. 

Enrol Now: https://kellyphoenixrose.com/products/swim-detox-10-day-detoxification 

STAGE 3: "Detox & Deep Dive"

This is the original offering that inspired the necessary prerequisites with stage 1 & 2. This is a strong  offering that works in a ceremonial container that not all people are ready for. This means it is a live and active container for the full 28days. This is higher spiritual practice that requires a certain level of receptivity to take the most advantage of. 

The detoxification is stronger as well as the spiritual purification led through practice. 

Here we are working with higher dimensional frequencies to support extending the connection to self and the living and breathing universe. 

We work with harmonising the 2 primordial forces with the support of a plant spirit. 

All levels of intervention are increased as well as the fasting component. For those who take health, wellbeing and spiritual practice into the priority of life ~ this is for you. Find out more with the link below, including timetable. 

When: Jan 2nd - "Ascension with Light " Clearing the Masculine.

           Aug 8th - "Ascension with Shadows" Clearing the Feminine.

Cost: $848 p/p (returning detoxes that have made the full 28day get HALF PRICE ENTRY)

New Enrolment: https://kellyphoenixrose.com/products/28-day-purification-of-the-mind-body-soul-group


To find out more about each of the offerings please refer to the product descriptions .