28 Day Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul

Everything you need to know about the detox & deep dive. 

The Detox & Deep Dive is a 28 day purification of the Mind, Body and Soul. The group offering is within ceremonial settings and only offered 2 x times a year. Jan 2nd & Aug 8th.

Every detox is different because of its unique container that holds the richness of collective energy. We work with what is real and present for us in life.

This Detox & Deep Dive stands out amongst other interventions because it provides support for the rise of discomforts and traumas that come up when we are removed from our ‘comforts’. This is where effective and sustainable change and growth happens, when you address the motivational causes of your toxic self-regulation patterns.

The intention of this offering is to create a frequency in the body that removes the negative influence of the industrial revolution. This is done mostly with the Food Medicine Plan (the biochemical detoxification component). The chemistry of the Food Medicine Plan targets the body on a cellular level. It eliminates the immune system's involvement in your digestive process so it can tackle the inflammation, toxicity and other parts that need its attention. 

The resonance of the impact of the Food Medicine Plan also supports the central nervous system to release the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances that are embedded in the body and keeps you in any negative addictive self regulation behaviours. This now gives focus to the ‘deep dive’ aspect of the program.  

‘The Deep Dive’.

Kelly is trained in Trauma Release, Mind & Body Medicine, Kinesiology, several energetic philosophies and practices and will forever be training in Shamanism. She teaches yoga & has an affinity with plants. Her precision and highly trained skills are offered throughout the 28 days in this Sacred unravelling of the Soul.

Each circle we cleanse and get supported by a new plant whilst a new guest facilitator comes into the circle to share their passions and medicines.  Both of these guests bring a creative flare to the space so re-visiting detoxers not only come back for only $300 but still have the opportunity to experience something new.

This is a EPIC offering that leaves you feeling stronger, cleaner, more connected and aligned to your highest potential. 

Many people have experienced the following changes in their life by commiting to this circle:

*Pain reduction

*Weight Loss

*Resolved inflammation / skin disorders

*Digestive harmony & regulation. 

*Emotional & Trauma release

*Spiritual connection & a sense of oneness.

*More energy and stamina for life.

*and more…. Don't just hear it from me, go check out the testimonials!


The 3 energy lines that are working in play for this ceremony are:

“Story Telling, Light & Eucalyptus”

The medicine of storytelling allows us to take something that may not have or be easy, clear or open and turn it into positive medicine and energy to share with the world around us. We will work with this shadow and bring it to light. 

The Eucalyptus has agreed to come and place its energy within this circle for us to use whilst journeying with the soul. Kelly facilitates this opportunity and you all have an opportunity to connect with it. 

The main energies that the Eucalyptus will be offering is: Support, Protection and Stability. 

Kelly will also be using an embodiment practice for us to participate in. This practice is commonly known as ‘Yoga’ but will be used for the use of Shiva & Shakti energy whilst we detox and journey upwards towards the light.

On top of all this magnificence, we will be tapping into more supportive tools and practices as we come together over the 28 days. 

Get a friend to join! We are mirrors and having sisters and brothers journey with us are memories that are never forgotten. Make them yours!

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Timetable and accessibility. 

The Detox & Deep Dive is held on the zoom platform. You are required to attend each live session. The timetable is below. No recordings are made. 

You will be required to purchase the tea of the plant we are working with and will be provided a link to some places for that source. This is a in-expensive and easily accessible request and you have the option to also use it from your garden if you have it. 

AUG 8th - Sept 4th Detox & Deep Dive Timetable

More about the Food Medicine Plan

You will be recommended a Food Medicine plan. This plan I personally used to overcome my chronic diseases and find it very effective for most disorders. Although this plan is not 'healing you', it is setting you up to be in a position that allows you to heal yourself!

This guidance is intended to put the body into an ancient vibrational frequency that supports healing and allow the microbiomes and gut flora to restore balance. We eat a lot and this plan does not require any "products" or "fad" style diets.

The food combinations which we will eat is an alchemy at the cellular level, allowing your immune system to flourish. It will unshackle the suppression & depression from deep within the cells and allow us to flow into a fresh start.

Please note that this does include eating flesh foods. If you are currently practicing Vegan, please arrange a time to discuss the approach behind this relationship with this style of eating for this specific purpose.

Are you READY for this level of work?

Change always presents with some sort of discomfort so yes, at some point it may be challenging for you. That's a good thing, it means that we are meeting the outdated energies that are requiring your attention. Kelly is there to support you through this great awakening because it is through the shadows we get the most light. 

If you have not done any inner-child, emotional, trauma or soul work before , I recommend booking in with Kelly for a private session prior the commencement of this ceremony. 

Examples of some practices that may show up in the circle:


*Introspective and Soul connecting



*Shamanic Drum Journeys

*Energy Clearings

*Dance and or guided journeys. 

*Spending time in nature

*and more…

If you would like to experience other Sacred Circles please come along to her monthly offerings:

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No Refunds are given.

We must learn how to purify before we can access the divine.

We are exposed to toxins, chemicals, trauma, EMF's and an array of conflicting ingredients before we have even begun.

A recent study showed that over 200 chemicals where found in the umbilical cord of a new born, born into a western society.

There is no denying that we have a tonne of hurdles to overcome to feel the vitality surging through our vessel and when we dont feel right we self-regulate with food, drugs, alcohol and addictive behavioural patterns. I get it, I did it for years.

Where have we come to? Let me share with you the importance of this program. We have, and our parents have handed down, a long lineage of industrial evolution survival menshanisms. The outcome is digestive disorders, pain, hormonal imbalances, gut problems, dis-ease and the rest.

We ALL are and have the necessary answers, ability and possibility to create our destiny to what serves us. The program focuses on how to detox out the habits whilst bringing to the light the shadows of the motivational causes of toxic self-regulation patterns. This is why this is so effective.

We are attuning to the energies we had before we lost our way with the industrial evolution. A place and time when we were connected to a far greater sense of our being and sense that felt harmonious to the inner and outer worlds. A frequency that felt supported, grounded and gentle.

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