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Chakra Set ~ Single Origin Plants 100% Pure Essential Oil- 10ml

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The selected single origin plants are allocated to one of the major chakra points along the central axis (hara line).

Use the essential oil to bring into harmony by activating energy OR bring into harmony by removing energy. 

The oil can be used for the chakra showing most imbalance by:

*anointing the central point

*anointing specific connected acupoints

*Igniting the senses for guided visualisation 

*palming over the designated area

*working with other connection points/ organs that may be related to the original disharmony. 

The set includes: 100% Pure Organic Ceremonial Grade Oils

Base: Cedarwood ~ To support the grounding and settling energies related to the base chakra.

Sacral: Ylang Ylang ~ To support the flow of receptivity of the feminine energies. This oil naturally gives rise to the concept of receiving which allows unity to occur for the primordial forces. 

Solar: Peppermint~ To stimulate and open the digestive organs related to the Solar plexus. Naturally this gives clarity and clear comprehension on how we view ourselves and the outside world. 

Heart: Open to Flow Blend consists of Eucalyptus, Basil & Rosemary. Supporting the connection to the upper & lower conscious states whilst resting harmoniously on the arms of the holy balancer, Basil. Great for circulation and moving the heart Qi. 

Throat: Eucalyptus ~ An incredible plant to ensure toxicity does not pass. The throat is the gateway between the heart & mind and beyond what most people know about chakras, this centre point is a great filter for harmony. Eucalyptus is a powerful ally for this centre. 

Brow: Clary Sage ~ Promotes the philosophical energy to see beyond ~ internally & externally. 

Crown: Rose Otto ~ This is to support the multitude of gateways to the centre of love whilst teaching us about boundaries and self nurture. 

Higher Self: Ascenshen  ~ The only blend in the set. This combination gives rise to ascending energy making it a great oil to use for accessing the higher centres and also bringing the lowest states into homeostasis. Consists of Organic Frankinsence, Fennel, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang & Palo Santo. 

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