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Sandalwood~Australian ORGANIC 100% Pure Essential Oil– 10ml Santalum Album

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Sandalwood – Santalum Album. Australian, Organic. 10ml.


Sandalwood spirit is the first rain drop after the draught. The cool breeze on a humid day. Sandalwood spirit brings savour. Savour that is needed for purification, healing & insight. This oil cannot been understated. Throughout all of Asia Sandalwood has been the wood of choice to burn, heal and make religious icons and temples. It is the most used scent in Buddhist, Tibetan, Hindu and Traditional Chinese practices and temples.  Like Rose Otto, good quality oil comes with a price, but worth every penny when used correctly. It is high vibrational and should be mixed with Frankincense and used at the Full Moon, anything visualised at this time is said to come true. Yay to pure intentional magick. SW is the traditional anointing oil. It clears negativity. It cools soften & moistens the hot, irritated conditions. It has been associated with all divination practices, this is a very helpful oil for your highest intentions.  It brings rationality to the irrational. It supports the mind to absorb the spirit. It is so good for purification, protection and healing. There is not many disharmonies that Sandalwood wouldn’t assist.  Some have recorded that Sandalwood assists one to see past incarnations, place a drop on the third eye to encourage this. For protection it works well with Rosemary & Frankincense.  We must mention the assistance Sandalwood has with Meditation- a winning combo if applied with Frankincense.  In Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) they used SW for its anti-inflammatory, anti febrile, anti-infectious properties . Anything that burns or is a heated condition Sandalwood can cool. It is also greatly used to assist with Urinary , Kidney & Bladder imbalances, predominantly these are ‘heated’ conditions anyways. Promotes elasticity & skin irritations. Can be used for sore throats , hoarseness and loss of voice. Has been highly regarded in ceremony for most cultures and supports “difference”. Overall Sandalwood is the Oil for protection, purification and spirituality. 



Element TCM


Chakra :

Brow, , Crown, Highest Self, Heart





Star Sign

Virgo, Cancer




Steam Distillation, Heartwood.