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Ylang Ylang 1st Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil –10ml Cananga Odorata

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Ylang Ylang Spirit offers opportunity and beams the light of the floweriest flower, the magnificence of receiving pleasures of life. Ylang Ylang is a heart opener. It originates from South East Asia and was used in body oil to prevent and protect from infection whilst nourishing the skin. When there is the presence of uncomfort within the married life, Ylang Ylang will bring the brightness and energy of being able to fall deep into attraction again. The same type of energy can be used when going for a interview, this plant can promote appealing qualities whilst also providing soothing for the nervous system .She works magically to slow down fast breathing caused by nervousness. This ability allows you to communicate directly from the power seat of feeling your presence….. and that is attractive to most by itself, being able to walk into a room owning  your right and magnify beauty. This plant promotes sensuality and has been known to carry high aphrodisiac qualities. Ylang Ylang will make you irresistible to the opposite sex especially when combined with patchouli, it gives a well-rounded sensual balance.  It associates with heart energy and has been used amongst many cultures for a extra glow in your being. It is a very calming and supportive for spiritual balance, for those tending to lean to by-passing or unawareness… Ylang Ylang is for you. It also has a link to relieving epilepsy and diabetes symptoms.



Element TCM


Chakra :



Pluto/ Mars




Madagascar 1st grade.


Steam Distillation ,  Flowers


Ylang Ylang & Cornmint.