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“I truly believe it was the ability to listen to the subtle communications of my body that got me to remission.

But how can you hear those sounds when the rattle of fear, stress, panic and confusion kicks in?

Having Cancer is brutal.

No one is prepared emotionally or mentally to hear those words come out of your doctors mouth "yes you do have cancer."

You need a strong action plan to navigate the mystery. One that suits all of your needs. Repeat that... YOUR NEEDS, not the doctors, your partners or your kids... your needs. This can only ever come from you because cancer is happening with you, not to you. 

The minute you put the power into anyone else's hands, you have lost the greatest teaching.

I am here to remind you how to find that light amidst the darkness. To support you to hear the sounds of your soul. To strengthen the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical bodies connection as you are far more able to listen when it FEELS RIGHT to you. 

Without having a degree in self mastery, how will you navigate through the noise of the stress that cancer brings. This is why Cancer Coaching is so VALUABLE. 

It was through shamanic tools, practices, mindfulness, nutrition and nature- I found rest, peace, clarity and remission. That I feel is important to share.”