What is your Cancer saying to you?

I truly believe it was the ability to listen to the subtle communications of my body that got me to remission. I owe my life to the sound of my soul. 

Cancer Coaching is another way to say =  'let me be the solid bouncing block for you whilst you navigate one of the hardest journeys'. 

Cancer is challenging and a strong action plan is require. One that incorporates the Mind, Body, Heart & the Soul. All parts of you are being called for change and the good news is that you can do it. It just takes work. Deep work. 

It is imperative to have clarity through this. Clarity comes from your highest centre and Cancer Coaching is the light that helps you navigate back to your centre when the times get dark. 

My mission is to inspire you to remember the choice you have in every moment to orchestrate inner harmony & peace. 

Cancer coaching may provide:

*Emotional/ spiritual/ mental/ physical clearings.

*Mindfulness practices.

*Yoga, Meditation and Mantra.

*Nutritional recommendations. 

*Trauma release.

*Ancient philosophies and integrative practices. 


*Counselling, leadership, coaching, guidance.

Without having a degree in self mastery, how will you navigate through the relentless toxic thoughts and feelings that present along the way?

We all know that stress is not supportive to the situation, learn how to manage self with that of the highest intentions. 

This is a valuable service that supports addressing the finer, more subtle and unique situations that each individual experiences. This offering is not a cut and paste job. You are not a number and you do have incredible power nestled within, let me help you remember & awaken that. 


"Light On Earth" Cancer Coaching pathway @The Village.