Cancer is the rust of seperation.

It's a bold statement to make but when you look beyond the diagnosis and start to see the patterns of lifestyle, quality of water, cellular cycles, psycho-spiritual relationships and disconnection we have to the subtle communication and sound of our body, its no wonder cancer exists.
This consciousness alone does not make one person immune to Cancer.
Cancer is a spiritual initiation of self mastery. A continuous practice of balancing the primordial energies within and the orchestrated relationship of those energies to the elemental forces and nature. 
We have to learn how to die and rebirth everything when Cancer is present. 
My approach to working with Cancer Patients:
  1.  Create conscious awareness of the underlying pattern & the why you have cancer. 
  2. Nutrition and Water recommendation/ detoxification & elimination support.
  3. Trauma release, inner child work, shadow work and central nervous system regulation work to support immunity. 
  4. Education, coaching and training around self care, mindfullness, meditation and relaxation practices. This is done with video content, podcasts and private sessions.
  5. Encourage patients to work alongside doctors with complementary services and use scientific evidence as a strong ally. 
Cancer can be the best worst thing that can ever happen to your life, if you are willing and open to use it as a master teacher.
I truly believe it was the ability to listen to the subtle communications of the mind, body, heart and soul that guided me to remission. It taught me how to break the habitual patterns that where leading me to death and reconnect to my true needs.