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REST Blend Organic To Assist Sleep- 10ml- 100% Pure Essential Oils

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REST Blend: Organic Lavender, Marjoram & Orange. 10ml Bottle.

Rest... we need so much rest. This crafted blend is to assist just that. 

Lavender: To relax and soften the central nervous system.
Marjoram: To sedate and ground the physical self.
Orange: To enrich the heart energy so that the Shen(spirit)  can rest.


How to get best results?

Place a few drops into the palm of your hands. Rub together and infuse with your intention to rest. Inhale through the nose for a few mins, allowing the mind to focus on rhythmic breath. When a state of relaxation has been achieved, apply to any spot that feels tense. Or apply to the 3rd eye and temples. 

Take time to feel the magnificence of the bodies energy pulse. 

With so much love x