Sacred Feminine Energy Training.


Learn to become the practice, not do the practice. 

Before you read on, please be aware that Sacred Feminine Energy is non-gender specific and is accessible to both men & women.

Primordial energy is of the purest energy and can support our earthly bodies beyond limitations. 

We all have a yearning to connect with divine energies, it is part of our souls truth, but learning the art of being "human" and working with higher frequencies to benefit our earthly bodies has a unique recipe. This is what I teach. How to become connected to divine life force energy on an earthly plane. 

The following programs are designed to support you to learn what Sacred Feminine Energy is, what are its benefits for healing & wellbeing and how to use it.

The following programs are split into 2 parts and are designed like a staircase for you to climb up through participation & practice. 

Welcome to Shine.

Shine the light unto the shadows to create your true souls purpose.  

Part 1, Sacred Feminine Energy Training. (men & women)

"The Guide to Self Healing" 

Nature shine's the light unto the shadows for cellular homeostasis and spiritual enlightenment.

In part 1 there are 5 x 1hr  online lessons that give you a guide on how to self heal naturally. 

This short course will help you to discover how to use nature and the primordial energy that runs through it, to promote self healing.

You will learn how to use 3 energy points to access this energy (known as Sacred Feminine Energy) and discover how to use it to support your wellbeing. 

Open yourself up to the truth of limitless potential of self healing through nature. 

5 x live online lessons will discuss the following topics and practices.

  • Lesson 1:  What is the Healing frequency.
  • Practice 1: Activating self healing through intention setting.
  • Lesson 2: The 3 access points & nature.
  • Practice 2: Direct Transmissions
  • Lesson 3: Harnessing the insights of spirit.
  • Practice 3: Walk the walk
  • Lesson 4: Ancestral impressions.
  • Practice 4: The sound of plants.
  • Lesson 5: Putting it all together / closing.

Every Wednesday 7-8pm.

Starts Wednesday 24th - Wed 22nd May

Cost is $325 p/p (BETA SPECIAL)

Who is this course for?

  1. People who experience anxiety, depression, disassociation other common imbalances. 
  2. Those who are interested in learning more about there cycles (need to learn this for part 2)
  3. If you are interested in connecting more to your land and country. 
  4. Inspired by expanding beyond your capacity. 

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PART 2- Shine. Just for women. Blood & menstrual disorder focused. Supportive for Endometriosis/ PSOS/ Infertility and Hormone Imbalances. 

This programme focuses on the psycho-spiritual relationships to menstrual and womb related disorders. You will learn :

  • How the moon is related to your cycle and how to read the messages of different timings with menstruation.
  • The holistic and scientific understanding of the blood shed and how to identify symptoms through quality of your blood.
  • How to support enzyme, hormone and organ function to ensure painfree periods. 
  • The strengths and weaknesses that penetrate the energy within the cycle and how that effects your Mind, Body, Emotions and Souls purpose. 
  • How you can use your cycle to magnetise rather than manifest.
  • How the use of plants and other natural earth medicines can support you and lifes expectations. 
  • How your energetic constitution plays out in the manifestation of your symptoms. 
  • How to connect deeper into your healing capacity and how the relationship with ancestral patterns impacts your life. 

This is suitable for:

  • Women with Menstrual Disorders, including infertility.
  • Beginners- Intermediate levels on the journey of healing. 
  • Those that are chronically ill.
  • People that feel lost and disconnected from life and nature. 
  • Women that will be interested in working with their menstrual cycles.
  • Women who aspire to connect deeply to their true essence and create ripples of beauty around them.
  • Seekers of truth and cosmic connection.
  • Women who want to find a holistic, natural way to manage harmonious emotional flow, overwhelm and stress.   

This course is online twice a year. April & June.

Cost $1200 p/p Early Bird $705 (join mailing list now)

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Why would someone want to learn about Sacred Feminine Energy? 

Sacred Feminine Energy controls immunity, the parasympathetic tone of our central nervous system and our internal water system. Considering that our cells are made up by minimum 70% water, that is a large portion of life force potential. 

In this carnation the collective consciousness has little to poor understanding of Sacred Feminine Energy due to significant historical events and in its absence leaves us, imbalanced, lost, unwell and unable to navigate through uncomfortable times. 

Without knowing how to embody and work with this energy, we will constantly try to control the environment and be stuck in the "doing". This results in depletion, perceived disharmony, symptoms and ill-ness can manifest. 

Becoming the practice involves accepting and leaning into the shadows towards the light. 

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*This program is non-refundable.