Be the practice, not do the practice.

Welcome to Shine, the Level 3 Sacred Feminine Energy Training. Women need to know the Ancient wisdom teachings of the Sacred Feminine Energy Wheel but not every woman is ready not able to truly embody this. It is a process and a life practice/ commitment.

Shine is a combination of ancient wisdom and practice. The outcome is to support women to understand how to manage life in accordance to their true nature, the res and fall of their innate energy system and to alchemise the 3D existence with magick, medicine and life forces.

The only challenge is the breaking the strongly influenced and conditioned mind that has been moving and adapting through life in the masculine energy. 

That is why this training is also deeply healing and involves the removal of the shadows that inhibit sacred feminine to truly be experienced. 

The Shine Sacred Feminine Energy Training is the navigational map towards living a life more connected, aligned and not overwhelmed all the time. 

You are an instrument for life to become more rich. Whatever that value is, you can have it.

The Shine Level 3 Sacred Feminine Energy Training is a compass for being able to navigate the ebbs & flows of what it truly feels like being a woman. The rise & fall of her menstruation and all that comes with it. 

This is the strongest tool belt a woman can have and we need it now more than ever. 

We run businesses, bring up children, work alongside men and are moving through life from 'masculine'. Its exhausting and will lead to illness. (including infertility)

We have lost our connection to the greatest teacher. The moon. She guides us through life when we come onto our bleed and she teaches us everything we need to know when the hard times present. Thats right, the healing times. 

Learning the Sacred Feminine Energy Wheel is the way to harmonised menstrual, monthly flow but its not just about blood...

This is the way to living a life in alignment to your destiny AND...

A way to wholeheartedly LOVE the life you live. 

You can apply these practices to your EVERY ASPECT of life. 

Sacred Feminine Energy governs 80% of a womens being. It is UNTOUCHED, SUPPRESSED AND LOST.

Imagine you could step out of 'manifesting' and start 'magnetising'. So much easier on the body. 

You will use this for life!

We work together over a 6 x week (group) period that incorporates many different modalities and approaches. You learn everything there is to know to start bringing the ceremony back into life and feeling connected to purpose.

Some other aspects of training included:

*Healing inner child traumas or outdated stories that inhibit you magnetising the right life for you.

*Working with alternate medicines.

*Learning how to alchemise

*Working in a "shamanic" way to enhance life to use the support of the External forces to harmonise the Internal sources. 

*and so much more.... 

If you are ready to feel connected to life and be equipped with the understanding and support you need to manage your health and wellbeing, this is for you!

What are the useful benefits of learning how to work with and restore Sacred Feminine Energy?

* Healing. That means on the full spectrum.

Whether it is menstrual complications, including infertility, cancers, or emotional traumas. This energy governs all HEALING. 

*Amplifying your internal medicine woman.

Learning how to embody this energy takes you on a journey to self discovery and carves your unique offering to self & the world.

*Aligning to your destiny. 

Removing the shadows over the inner truth and bringing to light the path of the soul. 

*Working with the rhythms of the Moon & Nature. 

We don't need apps to manage our cycle! There is a far bigger frequency that helps you to know everything you need to know when it comes to happy, healthy, fertile bloodshed. 

*Clarity, flow & natural rhythm.

This work offers a compass and navigational map for the overwhelming, constant and endless demands of life force. It teaches you how to manage the rise & fall of energy within self and the external environment using nature. 

*Business. Success and Blood.

It is through our blood shed or natural rhythm of Sacred Feminine Energy that is the bridge to success for women on a mission. Whether that is family, business, corporate or creativity. This will teach you how to manage and not deplete the energy resources whilst being able to accomplish the desired result. 

How you can work with me? 

Mid April every year I offer a group training. This is offered through zoom for the educational components and incorporates face to face healing, ceremonies and celebrations. The only recording that will be made are for the sacred feminine embodiment yoga practices. (see the timetable below).

Alternatively, you can do this program privately. This means the program will be more tailored to your unique constitutional patterning and provide more healing directly to and for you. Offered throughout the year.


The group sessions are $1895 p/p- Only Offered April once a year.

Privately $3980 (8 x week training).

Please note that no refunds are made once enrolments are confirmed. 

The Timetable.

Wed April 12th: Opening Circle 7pm-9pm "Awaken Sacred Feminine Energy, Grandmothers, Ancestral Line".

Thurs April 13th: Sacred Feminine Embodiment Yoga 6am-7:30am.

Wed April 19th: Earth 7pm-9m "Open the Earth Portal & Magnetism."

Sat April 22nd: Raphe Ceremony 10am-1pm, "Purification Ceremony."

Thurs April 27th: Air 7pm-9pm "Illumination, Focus, Expansion"

Sat April 29th: BREATHE 10am-12pm, "Rebirthing"

Wed May 3rd: Fire 7pm-9pm "Expanding the Heart Centre"

Sat May 6th: Cacao Ceremony 4-10pm " Dance & Song Circle" (Lunar Eclipse)

Wed May 10th: Water 7pm-9pm " Cleansing the waters within"

Thurs May 11th: Sacred Feminine Embodiment Yoga 6am- 7:30am.

Mon May 15th: Yoni Steam Ritual 7pm-9pm. "Purification."

Wed May 17th: Closing Circle. "Honouring &Water Prayer". 

Please note* a prerequisite for this training is Level 2- Detox and Deep Dive, why?

The level 2 works on being able to eliminate the toxic self regulation patterns when stress arises. These responses are neurological mental thought patterns that will get in the way of being able to feel your body fully. Therefore an inability to stay committed to these teachings. *Some exceptions made. *Can be done in reverse order for some.

Highlight & Added extras included in this training!!!!!

*Every person receives a starter pack that includes oils, medicines, burners and all necessary items for healing and creating your altar. 

*Privates will be working with a master herbalist and receiving additional medicines based on the requirements to fortify and strengthen any depleted energy. 

*Group offerings will join in on a Raphe Ceremony, Cacao Dance , Water Prayer and more. 


More about Sacred Feminine Energy.

We are all living in a masculine driven reality, constantly moving forward in a linear direction but we are moving without substance. We constantly drag our bodies around leading to depletion and disease.

We are not linear. This reality is not a straight line. It runs in cycles.We are cyclical. This reality is of duality and we are governed by two primordial forces. Masculine & Feminine. 

On a macrocosmic level it would be the Sun & Moon, microcosmically it is the brain and the body. Masculine & Feminine. 

Without these two opposing forces harmonising in unity, our health and the planet will remain imbalanced. 

The absence of Sacred Feminine Energy leaves us overwhelmed, emotionally undeveloped, disconnected and traumatised. All which eventuates to chronic illness, menstrual & fertility complications and a deep sense of 'lost'.

When this energy is embodied fully, the emotions are harmonised, we feel love, we know how to nurture and tend to care of the planets. We can alchemise and magnetise physical realities and activate unique intuitive senses.

This work is not only subject to females. Females are the instrument that has a greater ability to harness this energy but men also have access to Sacred Feminine Energy. 

Still unsure?

Book in now to discuss your readiness or come along to one of the many other offerings Kelly has available. 

Initial Consultation for only $120.