Kelly's Story

From a young age Kelly was exposed to abuse and grew up creating toxic, destructive and addictive habits. By the time her menstruation arrived she was riddled with Endometriosis and was burdened by confusion and lack of support on the topic, constantly hearing the same answers 'we don't know why - try this'. This ignited a great passion in questing for answers and has successfully now lead to training and initiating women with the same interventional , natural and holistic practices that have put Kelly into having no signs or symptoms of menstrual disorders.... such a blessings. 

Throughout her journey Kelly got diagnosed with a Triple Negative Breast Cancer and metastatic Lymphoma. This was at a fast growing rate and Doctors had foreseen a 4 month life expectancy. Kelly was in remission within 6 months. The doctors were amazed. What was the key thing that wholeheartedly supported this remission? Kelly answers.........

"It was the power in my choices. Through the whole experience I used the gifts of science as a tool not a gospel, and greatly relied on the subtle communications of my body that guided me through to my remission. This is was I teach people in my Cancer Coaching programs, how to listen, read, understand and trust the internal healing potential using the Mind & Body"

3+ Years on and Kelly is now living her life to her fullest potential and ensuring that people who are walking the path behind her have a helping hand.