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Detox & Deep Dive - 28 Day Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul.

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About the 28 x Day Detox & Deep Dive

This is a stronger detoxification & purification practice that is held in a shamanic container over a full month. It is designed to give constant space for the suppression and toxic self regulation patterns to come up and to clear the ancestral patterns and memories within your waters.

This space offers a longer detoxification protocol with the FMP that extends the intermittent fasting and introducing water fasting.  There is more opportunity for connection to mindfulness & reflective practices, therapeutic practices, nature, plant & shamanism. All which are there to support the rewiring of the relationship with the mind, body, heart, soul and with the living and breathing universe. 

The timetable is both online and face to face.

What to expect?

  • A live and active container for 28x days that follows a strict timetable
  • The Detox follows the Food Medicine Plan protocol that targets cellular detoxification. The FMP involves eliminating all glucose from the outcome of digestive processes, all stimulation and toxic influencers. 
  • Working with tea & its energetic profile.
  • Working with plants and other sounds of spirit.
  • Tools and practices that enhance connecting to the living & breathing universe.
  • Shamanic and spiritual interventions that encourage a deeper connection to your soul, shadows and highest self. 
  • Ancestral Clearing 
  • Water Fasting, education and practices about the importance of water. 
  • Rebirthing, Mindfulness and Holistic Practices.
  • Complete alchemical transformation
  • Reduction of inflammation and weight loss (on all levels)
  • Renewal on all levels
  • Intermittent fasting & water fasting 
  • Group and interactions with like minded people
  • Ongoing support in-between the live calls via WhatsApp
  • Discounted sessions and support throughout the detoxification

What you will learn?

  • How to use plants and nature to ascend beyond limiting beliefs and toxic self regulation patterns. 
  • How to overcome the habitual sabotage and trust in intuitive wisdom over egoic thoughts. 
  • Build a connection with nature and your higher self. 
  • What is behind your symptoms and lifes uncomfortability. 
  • The strength vulnerability has and the innate relationship with the body. 
  • How to integrate ceremony into your life. 
  • How to access your highest potential through lifes expectation and fast pace living. 
  • The power of water & the relationship to ancestral patterning. 
  • That letting go is the art of spiritual awakening. 
  • How to detox and purify the cells and the psychospiritual relationship to self & oneness. 

What you will need?

  • To be able to follow and commit to the timetable
  • To understand that this offering has the potential to bring up uncomfortable sensations within you.
  • Access to Zoom & Whats App
  • A clear intention & the ability to be led
  • Honesty, vulnerability and willingness to let go
  • Focus & commitment
  • Comfortability to eat flesh food
  • Have access to clean water ( purchase here )
  • Understanding that I have the right to remove you from the space at anytime if you are unable to adhere to the practices and or protocol or are sabotaging the space.

COST: $848 P/P - Group Setting

Been before? = $545 P/P

Please note there are no refunds with this product.