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Eucalyptus ORGANIC 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml – Eucalyptus Radiata

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Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus Radiata. Organic. 10ml Bottle.

Eucalyptus Spirit is one of the oldest. Traditionally used amongst Aboriginal people to treat infections, this oil is an extremely beneficial oil for treating colds: simply anoint the wrists, forehead and throat in times of need. It is extremely powerful and invigorates, clarifies and supports the defensive energy and immunity. It can be very helpful in recuperation after chronic illness. It is used greatly in healing rituals to purify and works well with the colour blue. A few drops on a blue candle, or in a diffuser, or on the pillow for a sick person is very helpful. The energy of Eucalyptus energy helps us gain a wider perspective ~ this is due to its ability to dry up the wettest of marshes. In this process of "expansion", we naturally have the ability to dispel negativity. Eucalyptus is helpful for this action.  It is one of the best natural antiseptics and relieves itchy bites of all kinds. Great for any chesty/asthmatic/colds/ sinus disharmonies as it promotes oxygen exchange. It is very powerful and should be used sparingly with clear intentions to avoid any toxicity. Eucalyptus also works well to relieve tight muscles. It is to be avoided during pregnancy.   




Element TCM





Moon- time Magick , Gentle Touch, Open to Flow






Aquarius, Libra


South Africa & Australia.


Steam Distillation, Leaves.

Sanskrit नीलगिरी (nilgiri)  नारकनद (Nārakanada)