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Moon-Time Magick Blend Organic (Relaxes Period Pain)10ml. 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Moon Time Magick Blend. Organic. 10ml Bottle.

Contains a unique blend of: Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Basil.

This combination was the doorway for me to experience the strength that Essential Oils have. After years of struggling with my own period pain & Endometriosis, the only relief I experienced was through sedation of heavy pain killers..... until Moon-Time Magick. 

It is a supportive blend that all women should have in their nest. For me, it reduced up to 80% of the pain sensations. What a relief. 

How to activate the Magick?: Connect to the sensation of the pain you have.

Ask your intuition/ higher self/ body, what this pain needs to move. Connect to the oil, relate your intention & apply wholeheartedly in circular motions on lower abdomen and lower back if necessary. Always sending so much love to this area that is working so hard to shed. 

Feel the magnificence. 

With Love x