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Detox & Deep Dive MINI ~ 10 day Purification of the Mind, Body & Soul. (group)

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About the 10 x day Mini Detox & Deep Dive.

This helps you to achieve the goal of detoxification and start to understand the power of nature & plants. 

Each participant follows the same timetable.

The goal is to detox the body on a cellular level and start to understand the true nature of detoxification. You will learn how to use nature to support & guide you to a heightened perception and regulate the nervous system whilst we remove the habitual toxic patterns. 

What to expect: 

  • The detox follows the Food Medicine Plan protocol that targets cellular detoxification. The FMP involves eliminating all glucose from the outcome of digestive processes, eliminates all stimulation and toxic influencers. The FMP involves eating meat.
  • Group online timetable and live zoom calls with Kelly Phoenix Rose. 
  • Beginners level spiritual & mindfullness practices. 
  • How to use nature & plants to support health & wellness.
  • Daily live asana practice. 
  • 5 day OPT out option- no refunds- conditions apply. 

What you will learn?

  • How to work with nature and common plants to support health & wellbeing. 
  • Practice supportive ways to detox from cellular toxicity and inflammation.
  • To expand the fixed perceptions of the mind that result in limitations and toxic habitual patterns.

Who is this for?

  • People with busy lives that need help to tackle health goals
  • People who cannot seem to last through a detox
  • Those that are truth seekers and inspired by positive change
  • Wanting to create a better relationship with nature, their bodies and their mind. 
  • If you want to learn how to replace or introduce mindfulness practices into daily life. 
  • Meat Eaters or those willing to.
  • Want to practice daily yoga.


  • Mon 6th 7-8pm "Set-up" . Detox starts Tues 7th. 
  • Tues 7th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice.
  • Wed 8th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice
  • Thurs 9th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice. 7-8pm Online Mindfulness Practice #1
  • Fri 10th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice.    7-8pm Online Mindfulness Practice#2
  • Sat 11th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice 
  • Sun 12th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice (OPT OUT HERE)
  • Mon 13th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice
  • Tues 14th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice.   7-8pm Online Mindfulness Practice#3
  • Wed 15th 5:30am - 7am Asana Practice
  • Thurs 16th 5:30am- 7am Asana Practice. Detox Ends Friday morning.
  • Friday 17th 6am-7am- “TGIF” Group Ending.

Mindfulness Practice #1: 3 Jiao breathing technique & Using plants to center.

Mindfulness Practice #2: Plants in water. Bathing Rituals & Tea Support.

Mindfulness Practice #3: Using the olfactory to harmonise stress with Essential Oils. 

Cost : $282 p/p in group or $898 privately.

There are no refunds on this product, including the OPT out.