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Patchouli Organic 100% Pure Essential Oil-10ml – Pogostemon Cablin

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Patchouli Spirit unifies opposites: grounding & passion, calmness & stimulation, relaxing & uplifting. This plant is an aphrodisiac and aids to attract lovers for both sexes. Most commonly used by men, and combined with musk/cinnamon style scents the results can be profound. This oil is magnetic ~ and a powerful occult oil. It is very sensual and suited for intimate moments, especially when combined with Ylang Ylang. You can use this magnetic component to assist with your own blending and intentions of what you would like to attract- e.g.. With Rose Oil it could attract Love and so on. (always working with the Waxing moon energies). Can be used in fertility Talismans. Sprinkled on your money to spread your wealth.  Used traditionally for dermal disorders- regenerating skin whilst still cracked & sore.  Works on the upper , middle & lower centres therefore relating it as a aphrodisiac in nature connecting to the sensuality of experience. Was spoken that it strengthens the immune system and carries anti-inflammatory, astringent properties. In India they used it for conditions of the skin, like dermatitis and rubbed on the skin to prevent the spreading of disease. Not only does it assist with the fresh skin disorder, but it is rejuvenating for the skin, helping cracked and soreness of the skin.  It was also used to treat insect bites and still today to treat snake bites. Other than the association to benefiting the skin, it has been used to treat digestive issue mostly to depleted disharmonies, like diarrhoea. If your thoughts have left you in a depleted state with low immunity, Patchouli can assist. It has also been used in divination processes. 



Element TCM

Fire, San Jiao

Chakra :





Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries






Steam Distillation , Dried Leaves

Sanskrit Name: पट्टा (Paṭṭā) गन्धपुष्पा (Gandhapuṣpā)