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Peppermint ORGANIC- 100% Pure Essential Oil – 10ml- Mentha Piperita

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Peppermint- Mentha Piperita. Organic. 10ml.

Peppermint Spirit brings energy of lightning. Mint has been used in ritual perfumes with the Ancient Egyptians & was dedicated to Zues the King of the Gods (power & strength). It promotes healing, the ability to gain money and useful for successful travel.It was used around the 14th century as a tonic & carminative. Before toothpaste we used it to whiten teeth. The oil is warming & drying and best used for “cutting through” & uplifting the mind, as fast as lightening. Peppermint is extremely beneficial for clearing a soggy brain and can be a great suggestion for studying. Any perfume made with mint drives away evil spirits. It was used to wear around the neck to stop headaches from occurring ~ it has a powerful ability to shift frequencies.  Therefore can also been seen as being helpful to make changes in ones life, therefore very helpful to unwind, especially pain (see Moon-time Magick). Even though this plant is cooling in nature, it is extremely useful in Winter, this is because the cooling of the surface stimulates heat to rise. It carries anti-spasmodic properties and is great for nerve tension and pain (see blends). It stimulates the digestion as well as soothes. Due to the high menthol content, AVOID during pregnancy , topically for epilepsy or convulsions and don’t use everyday! The properties are: analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ,digestive stimulant amongst many other. 



Element TCM


Chakra :



Moon- time Blend


Mercury or Venus




Gemini, Libra, Virgo




Steam Distillation , Leaves

Sanskrit Name पुदीना (Pudīnā) तुक्षिका (Tukṣikā)