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Rose Otto 3% + jojoba -100% Pure Essential Oil–10ml Rosa Damascus

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Rose Otto 3% + jojoba – Rosa Damascus

 This is the Highest Vibrational Rose Oil and is Therapeutic Grade.

Rose Spirit resonates love. Love is our energetic highest expression and is related to the heart.  When our heart is balanced our skin glows and we have the ability to tune into our highest selves. Naturally this assists with calming irritability & tension. If you are using it in the atmosphere it brings a energy were love can over come fear. So great for any big projects presentations that might be creating anxieties, or hard emotional self judgments.  It is closely related to any good luck workings and love. It is also best to be used for any ‘fast acting’ intentions. If you want something to happen quickly, add rose. Being a absolute means that the process of extraction is different to other Essential Oils. A absolute is best used for the vibrational components only and if seeking for deeper therapeutic healing see Rose Otto. The reason Absolutes are made is due only to the price of it. Rose Otto can be extremely expensive. This the closest and next best thing to Otto. The Rose Absolute energy can assist broken hearts and is great for palming chakras, anointing necklaces and using on items close to the heart. This oil will continue to support harmony of the heart energy. Where there is a atmosphere or situation that is hard, Rose will soften the experience. If there is domestic disharmony Rose will bring tranquility to the domestic realm. It is highly recommend for those who are affectionate but have a intense nature. Rose originates from translation of Rosa=red, and it was seen as the blood of the youthful Greek god Adonis. It is true that Rose is the best oil for toning skin but Rose Ottoe would be consider safer to use for direct therapeutical workings.Rose Absolute is best used for magickal practices, energetic work and olfactory pleasures.  Rose will blend well with lavender, myrrh, patchouli for a love potion and would be highly suited for a lovers massage. 





Chakra :





Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio …can be used for all.


Hydrodistillation (boiled/steeped), Flowers



Sanskrit Name: शतपत्र (Śatapatra) वर्द्धमाना (Varddhamānā) 

कुब्ज (kubja)