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Shine PART 2 ~ Sacred Feminine Energy Training EARLY BIRD

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PART 2- Shine. Just for women. Blood & menstrual disorder focused. Supportive for Endometriosis/ PSOS/ Infertility and Hormone Imbalances. 

This programme focuses on the psycho-spiritual relationships to menstrual and womb related disorders. You will learn :

  • How the moon is related to your cycle and how to read the messages of different timings with menstruation.
  • The holistic and scientific understanding of the blood shed and how to identify symptoms through quality of your blood.
  • How to support enzyme, hormone and organ function to ensure painfree periods. 
  • The strengths and weaknesses that penetrate the energy within the cycle and how that effects your Mind, Body, Emotions and Souls purpose. 
  • How you can use your cycle to magnetise rather than manifest.
  • How the use of plants and other natural earth medicines can support you and lifes expectations. 
  • How your energetic constitution plays out in the manifestation of your symptoms. 
  • How to connect deeper into your healing capacity and how the relationship with ancestral patterns impacts your life. 

This is suitable for:

  • Women with Menstrual Disorders, including infertility.
  • Beginners- Intermediate levels on the journey of healing. 
  • Those that are chronically ill.
  • People that feel lost and disconnected from life and nature. 
  • Women that will be interested in working with their menstrual cycles.
  • Women who aspire to connect deeply to their true essence and create ripples of beauty around them.
  • Seekers of truth and cosmic connection.
  • Women who want to find a holistic, natural way to manage harmonious emotional flow, overwhelm and stress.   

This course is online twice a year. April & June.

Cost $1200 p/p Early Bird $705 (join mailing list now)