Light On Earth Fundraiser - 23rd May 'Light on Earth Day'.

Supporting people find their internal light in the darkest times.

Light on Earth is a Non-For Profit Organisation that supports people with Cancer to access holistic & mindful therapeutic services when financial hardships arise with chronic illness.

You can support this vision by purchasing a candle and lighting it on May 23rd for Light on Earth Day. All the money that gets raised gives free access for those faced with Cancer support in the areas that professionals miss. These areas are mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and bio-chemical. 

LIGHT ON EARTH DAY ~ May 23rd every year. 

If you are interested in stocking these candles, we would love all the support to spread the word. Please contact us now. 

Womens Circles keep the internal goddess alive.

We come together to remember the sweet scent of sharing vulnerability Bringing through the mysterious energy of Sacred Feminine Energy.

Each participant who arrives to my womens circles will receive some form of healing, transformation and alignment. All my womens circles we gather around the altar. You know this means business :)

Not only are you tending to the subtle needs within but we are collectively keeping the light in what we are responsible for.

Feeling, healing, wisdom, beauty, shadows, love, nurture and earth.

I am proud to say that I am holding these circles at Gracefully Whole in Bilgola Heights.

To host your one event or to gather a circle in your town, please do reach out.

Tickets are only $55 - non refundable.

Womens Circle Tickets