One on One Private Sessions

Every new client is recommended to start with an initial consultation.

What is a consultation?

This is an assessment & diagnostic session that supports both of us to understand what is the motivational cause of the presenting situation and then what are  practical steps towards resolution, with my support or a referral. 

This session can be in online or in person. 

Cost is $120.

The length of time is 60mins.


Ready to start the journey towards light?

What does a session involve?

Sessions can be online or in person. 

Full integrative sessions involve activating the central nervous systems "stress response" through a gentle led process of mind & body connection. Once the identified stress pattern is present, a potential combination of therapeutic touch, trauma release practices, authentic energetic expression, emotional and energetic clearing alongside other integrative holistic techniques & shamanic practices support the central nervous system & neurology to reconnect to the healthy and harmonious internal cycles of regulation. 

The result is the ability to self regulate and adapt to the internal and external world from a parasympathetic tone.  

The cost is $250 in person or $185 online.

The length of time is 90mins.

Contact me now to book in for your first initial consult. 

Private Yoga & Body Work

When you have the right intentions, information and truly know what the purpose of asana practice is, then your mat can be the place where you heal some of the oldest wounds. (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually).

The Gurus used nature to understand the intertwined relationship between self and the universe. It is through being able to see through the eyes of Heaven & Earth, Sun & Moon that one truly understand the mandalas of energy lines within us and that asana practice can help us to purify.

I practice and teach Hatha.

Private Asana practice goes for 90mins and costs $90.

Body work is an energetic practice that is customised to each person. Ranging from firm pressure to a soft nurturing holding, my Body work is a mix between: Traditional Thai, Physio, Kahuna, Relaxation.

Private Body Work sessions go for 90mins and costs $120

Contact me now to arrange a booking.