One on One Private Sessions

The greatest gift that I can provide to you is the information you cannot see. 

If you are stuck, unsure or just need to know where to go to next then make sure you book in for an initial consultation. This will access where you are on the Golden Light Thread towards enlightenment. 

Even though I am well known for supporting women's health, I do work with men too.

Consultations are online : $120 45mins. 

Sessions are  $250 and goes for 1.5hrs 

Bookings are Essential.

Qualifications & Training.

Overcoming Cancer, menopause and Endometriosis has a level of uncertified qualifications.

Kelly is an qualified Integrative Health Practitioner: Kinesiology, Mind & Body Medicine, Yoga , TCM, Counselling, Trauma release and body work.

I have been trained under some of the greatest teachers and will be continuing my training as a Shaman/ Medicine Woman for life.

Cancer & the extensive amounts of trauma I have experienced in my life have been my greatest teachers.

I love teaching the Sacred Feminine Energy Training program (SHINE) and empowering women & men to understand the unique nature of this primordial energy.

Cancer coaching is where my life has called me and it brings so much joy to my heart to know that people have this work available to them.

I absolutely love teaching Yoga and have found a natural cosmic activation in this practice. I work with Mandala lines in my training. Powerful.

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