One on One Private Sessions

If you could understand the motivational causes behind your symptoms, you could then have conscious choice when it comes to how you move through life. 

I can help you achieve the clarity you need when it comes to what is driving your imbalance. I am a shadow worker, a shamanic healer and a qualified integrative health professional. 

Yes I work with men too. I work with all.

My boundaries: When working with people under the age of 16yrs a parent must also be working separately with Kelly due to the energetic influence for successful integration and dynamic transformation.

Sessions can be face to face or online. (Suitable for international patients).

An initial consultation is $120 and goes for 45mins: This gives you a full diagnostic assessment and recommendation for a action plan on how I can support you. 

Face to Face Session is $250 and goes for 1.5hrs At Optimal Health Essential - Newport: This gives you access to my skills and services and designed to restore or bring light to the presenting issue.

Online Sessions are $150 and goes for 1hr: Via zoom.

Bookings are Essential.

Opening hours: 

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

International flexibility available to suit time zones. 


Qualifications & Training.

Overcoming Cancer, menopause and Endometriosis has a level of uncertified qualifications.

Kelly is an qualified Integrative Health Practitioner: Kinesiology, Mind & Body Medicine, Yoga , TCM, Counselling, Trauma release and body work.

I have been trained under some of the greatest teachers and will be continuing my training as a Shaman/ Medicine Woman for life.

Cancer & the extensive amounts of trauma I have experienced in my life have been my greatest teachers.

I love teaching the Sacred Feminine Energy Training program (SHINE) and empowering women & men to understand the unique nature of this primordial energy.

Cancer coaching is where my life has called me and it brings so much joy to my heart to know that people have this work available to them.

I absolutely love teaching Yoga and have found a natural cosmic activation in this practice. I work with Mandala lines in my training. Powerful.

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