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Holistic Detox Webinar

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  • About the Holistic Detox Workshop.

My intention is to support you to expand the perception around detoxification and put you back in the conscious drivers seat when it comes to tackling health & wellbeing so you can elevate your performance and kick goals. 

It starts with clarity.

This will be the catalyst for you to rewire the common misunderstandings that consumerism have conditioned us to believe when it comes to health. You will start to understand how nature and the intricate systems of the body have everything you need for the ability to heal.

Come and join in on this one of a kind webinar. The major topics we discuss are:

Detoxification & Purification / Water /  Nature & Cycles / The Central Nervous System and the Psychospiritual association to all of it. 

With so much exposure to toxins & chemicals and an array of heavily marketed products, navigating and deciding what is the best way to keep the body clean is a holistic practice within its own right.

Don't you want to know about how :

  • cellular cycles dictate the whole body.
  • immunity & cells work together.
  • the power in water and how it could be causing you death.
  • how emotions and thoughts affect detoxification.
  • nature being the greatest teacher for health & wellbeing. 
  • the difference between detoxification & purification. 

I thought so... 

Duration: 60- 90mins with Q & A's. 

How to book?

Got a savvy group of entrepreneurs or clients that are inspired by health & fitness?  Minimum 10 people.

Don't have a group?

Online webinars will be offered. Ensure to sign up on my mailing list so you do not miss out! 


Friday 3rd May 2024 7pm.